About me.

Yeah, yeah. I’m a nice guy and all that… But what am I supposed to say? It’s me talking about myself, come on. I’m always going to say good things. Especially if I want you to hire me. But if you want to be able to judge for yourself, you are gonna have to meet me! Let me tell you a little bit about myself (it’s actually a lot, but if I say that, you might not want to read it):

Alberto Miret

Hello, my name is Alberto Miret and I am currently living in Sydney, after recently moving here from Madrid. I wanted to come to Australia to experience life in this unique country and, of course, to have the opportunity to see a kangaroo, although I haven’t been lucky enough to meet one yet!

As for my professional career, I have worked as an in-house designer for the insurance department of El Corte Inglesf or the past four years. My job consisted of creating the graphic line for the insurance offices in the company’s shopping centers, and I also participated in the development of several TV commercials. Although it may seem that the insurance sector is not very interesting, the truth is that I really enjoyed my work at El Corte Ingles and I learned a lot about design and teamwork in corporate environments.

Before working at El Corte Ingles, I was in a marketing and communication agency as a junior art director. In that job, I collaborated with alcohol brands and participated in the creation of events and product activations in Madrid. It was a very enriching experience, as I got to work with some of the greatest creative minds of the agency and learned a lot from their experience.

In addition to my work in the corporate sector, I have always tried to dedicate part of my time to freelance projects that I am passionate about. In particular, I like working in branding, as I believe it is a discipline that allows all areas of design to work together, creating rules and strategies that give a very valuable sense to any project.

If you are interested in my professional profile, please feel free to contact me by email. I appreciate you reading this far and I hope to have the opportunity to talk to you soon.